Purpose, Acceptance of Terms

This Shared Hosting Agreement, together with all other documents and policies referenced herein, is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between ADICIO, “Registration Service Provider”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “ours”) and the customer purchasing domain name registration services (“Services”), together with any company or other business entity you are representing, if any (“you”, “your” or “yours”).

Purpose, Acceptance of Terms  ADICIO’ Universal Terms of Use and any applicable purchase orders are incorporated herein by reference. Unless otherwise stated, capitalized terms used herein have the meaning ascribed to them in the Universal Terms of Use and purchase order, if any.

Bandwidth and Space Usage

ADICIO will allow the specified per plan bandwidth and web space, as indicated on the Site where the Services are found, to be used by you as long as your use is in compliance with these terms of use, our Universal Terms of Use and any other purchase order or applicable policies.

Account Sharing

Account sharing is only permitted when used in conjunction with our hosting plans. ADICIO reserves the right to immediately terminate accounts, without compensation to you, that (either do or attempt to) share the web space with others or subdivide and resell the web space.

Excluded Services

ADICIO reserves the right to discontinue and terminate your Service, without compensation to you, if your web site is involved in any of the following: pornographic sites, intellectual property violations, pirated software (warez), pirated music and web sites, those whose primary business is web advertisement, or any website which violates any law or regulation, these terms of use, our Universal Terms of Use, Acceptable Use Policy and any other applicable terms.

Online Subscription

By accessing our Site and/or using the Service, you are agreeing to an on-line, paperless subscription for the Services. You acknowledge that all the information that you submit on-line is true and correct and will be maintained and updated by you as needed to keep the information current. ADICIO will have no liability to you as a result of your failure to maintain current subscription information. You agree that the act of signing up for your Services online or clicking to agree is equivalent to your signature. ADICIO will bill you for your Services, in accordance with the billing period.

Quality of Services

Although ADICIO will make reasonable efforts to provide quality and uninterrupted services this is not guaranteed. We will not be responsible for any damages that a Service interruption may cause to you or to third parties. You are responsible for the usage of your account and any consequences of this usage. You are also responsible for providing routine electronic back-ups for all data stored on our systems to prevent loss or corruption which includes, but is not limited to, emails and website content.

Service and Fees and Additional Charges

You agree to pay for the Services and for additional fees that may be assessed for heavy traffic and excessive space fees. ADICIO will notify you in the event these fees are incurred. You agree to pay by credit card or other such method as mutually agreed upon. You agree to provide updated credit card and account information online, as may be needed or requested, and in case your card is declined. You understand that non-payment will result in automatic hold on your account. During the hold period, your web site will not be accessible. The account will be reactivated after payment is received in full. Credit card accounts will be automatically renewed unless notified prior to expiration date of Service.

Domain Name Registration and Fees

Based on availability, ADICIO will register the domain name(s) as submitted in the subscription/application form in accordance with our standard policies and business practices. The first year of domain registration fees for a domain(s) is set forth in the subscription plan. You agree to pay the registration fees for the domain(s) thereafter. You agree to pay the registration fees for the first year if you cancel the Service before the expiration of the first year.

Automatic account upgrade

ADICIO may upgrade, with email notice to you, all shared hosting accounts, which do not comply with the restrictions of applicable terms and policies and excluded services stated in Section 4 above, to metered plans with traffic charges and/or web space charges.

Termination of Services

ADICIO reserves the right to refuse Services to anyone and to terminate existing Services with 14 days advance notice for any or no reason; and without advance notice if you violate this or any other Agreement, policy or terms of use. You have the right to terminate the Services at any time with written notice sent by mail to the address below or by email to support@Adicio.asia. Both parties agree that there will be no monetary compensation or refund, prorated or otherwise, for terminated services regardless of the reason.

Lawful Use of Internet

You agree to use the Internet and the Services in accordance with these terms of use, our Universal Terms of Use, Acceptable Use Policy and any other applicable terms together with any applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.

Security and Integrity of Information

Although we implement the industry standard technology for information protection, there is no guarantee that the information on the Internet is absolutely secured or may never be destroyed. You agree to hold us harmless in cases of loss of information or loss of privacy.